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  1. Rental rates are guaranteed for the assigned apartment and specific move-in date as agreed upon by management.
  2. All payments should be made payable to the community to which you are applying. By providing credit card information, applicant understands that the credit card provided will be charged for the non-refundable application fee. Additional deposit may be required at move-in based on credit approval conditions determined by our third-party screening company. Other fees and/or deposits may apply. Consult the Leasing Office for details.
  3. Applicant authorizes Weinstein Properties to obtain his/her credit report and to verify all statements and representations made on this form and the credit report, including verifying any rental history listed on either. Applicant acknowledges that if six months or more has passed since time of application, his/her application will be re-screened and a new application fee will be charged.
  4. Applicant agrees that if any statements and representations are misleading, incorrect or untrue, Weinstein Properties has the right to consider the rental agreement breached and take all appropriate remedies.
  5. Proof of Renters Insurance coverage, including minimum liability coverage of $100,000, is required on or before the move-in date. 
  6. Applicant waives any claim for damages should this application be declined.
  7. Applicant authorizes Landlord to perform a limited criminal records check on any Applicant(s) or Applicant(s)’ authorized occupant(s) age 18 or older, who will reside in the apartment premises at any time during the term of the Lease. The limited criminal background screening will only consider felony criminal convictions where the convictions occurred in the last 5 years and were related to the following categories of offenses: (1) property offenses; (2) major drug offenses; (3) fraud offenses; (4) major violent offenses against persons; and (5) sex offenses. Any other category of offense will not be considered. These categories were identified because they involve conduct by a person whose tenancy may present a current direct threat of harm to others or the risk of substantial damage to the property of others. This limited criminal background screening will not consider arrests, charges, expunged convictions, convictions reversed on appeal, vacated convictions, offenses where adjudication was withheld or deferred, pardoned convictions, and sealed juvenile records. It will not treat people differently based upon whether the person is on probation or parole.
  8. Any acceptance of Applicant is contingent upon all payments made by Applicant prior to occupying the rental home being honored by Applicant's bank as an express condition. 
  9. If your application is approved with conditions, you will need to satisfy those conditions in order to be accepted. If you are unable or unwilling to satisfy the conditions of a conditional approval, your application will be deemed ‘denied’ until the conditions are satisfied.